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Our noise and vibration experience covers virtually every aspect of modern development and human activity:

  • Development: We regularly undertake PPG24 assessments (or the Welsh/Scottish equivalents TAN11/PAN56) to assist our clients through the planning process. The assessments include relevant noise surveys, modelling of noise sources that may exist adjacent to the sites such as roads, railways, industrial activities etc and the production of noise contours showing the extents of Noise Exposure Categories outlined in PPG24. Our assessments also include, where appropriate, mitigation measures that may be necessary to permit the development within national or local constraints. We can advise architects on building layouts as well sound insulation advice on residential, commercial, health and educational sectors.

  • Transportation: Environmental noise caused by transportation activities is the source of an increasing number of complaints from the public. The UK Noise Incidence Study reported that 84% of the survey respondents heard traffic noise and 40% were bothered, annoyed or disturbed to some extent. In response to the increasing impact of traffic noise, noise policy both in the UK and in Europe is undergoing significant change. We are conversant with the latest changes in noise policy and are experienced in the latest techniques for the purposes of modelling road, railway, aircraft etc sources. We are able to use computerised noise models such as NoiseMap2000, IMMI and INM for the purposes of evaluating the noise impact from transportation sources and formulate mitigation measures. Reporting tools include advice outlined in PPG24, Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB), Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN), Calculation of Railway Noise (CRN), the Noise Insulation (Amendment 1988) Regulations 1975, the Land Compensation Act 1973 and the Noise Insulation (Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems) Regulations 1995.

  • Industry: Due to pressures to development brown field sites in preference to green field sites, more and more complaints have been received by local authorities on industrial noise affecting new and existing residential developments. We are able to guide our clients on the best practice solutions for both new or existing industrial installations including the merits of a BS4142 assessment (‘Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas’). We can model potential impacts both pre- and post installation of potentially noisy equipment, advise on mitigation measures and for new residential developments, advise on site-specific ameliorative measures to protect the amenity of new residents. Our consultants have the necessary accreditation and experience to undertake assessments compliant with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 as well as The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

  • Construction: Construction/demolition noise and vibration associated with major infrastructure projects or with smaller residential developments has the potential, albeit temporarily, for noise disturbance at nearby receptors. We can liaise with contractors to identify potential construction/demolition activities that may cause undue disturbance, evaluate impacts and formulate mitigation measures in accordance with relevant methodologies set out in BS 5228, BS6472 and BS7385. These tools are also utilised for the purposes of Section 61 Prior Consents which would include the necessary noise and vibration calculations, construction code of practices outlining where necessary management plans, construction method statements and compliance monitoring regimes that may be implemented.

  • Building acoustics and building services: SPL offers a comprehensive range of services to assist architects/developers on sound insulation requirements outlined in Approved Document E of the Building Regulations including pre-completion tests, the design of facade envelopes, air conditioning plants, refrigeration units and the use of silencers, plenum chambers etc.

  • Entertainment and leisure: We provide noise control services for concerts, sound system design, license hearings, clay pigeon shooting, music clubs and sports halls.